Portugal: Company ROE, gearing improves

Page created: Wednesday, 30 November 2016 15:00 GMT

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Lisbon, Nov. 30 (Lusa) – The return on equity of private non-financial companies in Portugal in 2015, was 7.6%, 4.8 percent points higher than the year before, the Bank of Portugal said on Wednesday.

The BdP said gearing was also up at 32.4% (30.2% in 2014).

Simultaneously, it said, the weight of borrowings in total assets dropped 1.5 percent points to 32%.

“The reduction in borrowing and the cost of debt, along with the increased profitability resulted in a generalised improvement in the financial ratios”, the BdP said.

The proportion of companies with negative equity in 2015, fell to 28.7% (29.3% in 2014).