Portugal: EU officials seek clarifications on draft 2017 budget, cite ‘risks’

Page created: Wednesday, 26 October 2016 8:52 GMT

2017budget  European Commission

Brussels, Oct. 25 (Lusa) – The European Commission on Tuesday requested clarifications from Portugal’s government relative to its draft state budget for 2017, saying that it had identified “risks and discrepancies” that raise doubts about whether the country will be able to meet the budget targets to which it is committed.

The minority Socialist government has also come under fire from the right-of-centre opposition for failing to provide full up-to-date projections for public finances this year when it submitted the draft budget bill last Friday.

Earlier on Tuesday the minority Socialist government on Tuesday pledged to submit detailed financial projections for the current year to parliament, complementing the draft budget for 2017, before the bill is given its first reading. It also said that the finance minister, Mário Centeno, to address deputies for a second time after they are submitted.

An official for the secretary of state for parliamentary affairs, Pedro Nuno Santos, said that the documents in question would be sent to the various parties before the first reading of the budget bill, which is scheduled for 3 and 4 November.