Portugal: Main parties to discuss income tax, ‘green’ reform

Page created: Friday, 7 November 2014 14:42 GMT

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The parliamentary leader of Portugal’s right-wing People’s Party, the smaller of the two parties in the governing coalition, has said that the opposition Socialist Party has agreed to a meeting next week for discussions on the reform of income tax and ‘green taxes’.

In comments to Lusa, Nuno Magalhães said the invitation issued by the coalition parties to the Socialists’ parliamentary leader, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues, was accepted.

“I believe that it’s a step forward,” he said. “Now we shall, democratically and naturally, talk and assess” the proposed changes.

In their letter to Rodrigues, which Lusa has seen, Magalhães and Luís Montenegro, the leader of the largest group in parliament, the Social Democratic Party, stressed the need for a “far-reaching and lasting commitment” in the tax field.

The government’s proposals on changes to income tax and other tax reforms relating to the environment were submitted to parliament on 23 October.