Portugal: MEO and PT Empresas brands to be replaced by Altice

Page created: Wednesday, 24 May 2017 8:55 GMT

Altice  Meo  PT

New York, May 23 (Lusa) – Telecom brands MEO and PT Empresas are going to disappear in Portugal within a year and the company is going to be rebranded as Altice, a global name that will be adopted in all the French group’s operations, which starts a “new era” today.


“What was missing up until now was a single global brand that reflected the global, digital nature of our group, that strengthened our brands and would reinvent the future”, the Altice CEO, Michel Combes told reporters in New York, at a meeting to present the new brand that would be used in countries such as the USA, France, Portugal, Israel and the Dominican Republic.


Under the slogan ‘Together Has No Limits’, Michel Combes announced the new global strategy of one group, one brand and explained that the name, the brand and the new logo would gradually replace the current brands in each market where it operated around the world.