Portugal: Moedas gets parliamentary nod in commissioner bid

Page created: Wednesday, 1 October 2014 9:27 GMT

Carlos Moedas  European Commission  Innovation

Carlos Moedas, the Portuguese nomination to the next European Commission, received approval following his audition by the European Parliament on Tuesday, according to sources contacted by Lusa.

Moedas, who has been nominated the Research, Science and Innovation Commissioner by President elect Jean-Claude Juncker received cross party backing from the main parliamentary groupings but was rejected by the United Left group that includes Portugal’s Communist Party and Block of the Left parties.

Following the three hour long audition, Moedas was deemed to hold the competences necessary both to sit on the commission and for the specific tasks inherent to his particular role, the same sources confirmed.

Hence, this effectively fast-tracks the nomination process as there will be no need for a parliament commission meeting subsequent to the formal report’s publication on October 7th, a meeting that only happens in the case of rejection.

Now, Carlos Moedas has only to await the end of the audition process, and he was one of the first to complete this procedure, with the parliament due to vote on the commission collectively on October 22.

The new commission is expected to take office on November 1 and bringing to an end the two term, ten-year reign of current president José Manuel Durão Barroso.