Portugal: Nurses to stage two-day strike in October to press for 35-hour week

Page created: Monday, 26 September 2016 14:56 GMT

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Lisbon, Sept. 26 (Lusa) – Portugal’s nurses are to go on strike on 13 and 14 October to press their demand for the 35-hour working week to be reinstated in state healthcare units, the nurses union announced on Monday.


In a statement, it said it was also organising a demonstration by union officials outside the Ministry of Health for 7 October.


The union said it was tired of inconclusive meetings with ministry officials and the delays in reducing its members’ working hours, after the 35-hour week was reinstated in the rest of the public sector. The situation, it argued, is unfair and unacceptable, as well as endangering safety and the quality of healthcare services.


The 35-hour week is being restored for public sector workers under agreements between Portugal’s governing Socialist Party and the other groups that provide support for the minority government in parliament, the Communist Party and the Left Bloc, but officials have said that the reform would have to be implemented only gradually in the health sector, for cost reasons.


The working week for public sector workers was increased to 40 hours by the previous, right-of-centre government, as part of reforms that it said were necessary under a euro-zone bailout.