Portugal: One in three companies sees lack of demand as major concern

Page created: Thursday, 24 November 2016 15:28 GMT

Portuguese SME  Zurich SME: Risks and Opportunities in 2016


Lisbon, Nov. 24 (Lusa) – One in three small and medium sized Portuguese companies have said that the main risks to their businesses are a lack of demand and too much stocks, according to a study called “Zurich SME: Risks and Opportunities in 2016” released on Thursday.


The lack of demand is the risk that also concerns the Snall and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Spain (42%), Switzerland (39%), Austria (38%) and Italy (36%), the document said.


The study spoke to SME in eight countries (Portugal, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey), including 200 Portuguese companies.


The high level of competition or ‘dumping’, an illegal practice of selling below buying cost, were the Portuguese companies’ second biggest concerns, although they have dropped 6% over the last four years (2016/2013).


As regards business opportunities, 41.5% of the Portuguese SME “considered reducing costs and expenses as crucial”, which is 9% more than four years ago.