Portugal: Proportion of non-performing loans keeps improving at a gentle rate

Page created: Wednesday, 22 February 2017 8:45 GMT

Bank of Portugal  BdP  Non-performing loans

Lisbon, Feb. 21 (Lusa) – Non-performing loans in Portugal dropped back to €16.6 billion last December, the equivalent of 8.55% of all the money lent by banks, the Bank of Portugal (BdP) said on Tuesday.

The central bank’s numbers showed that banks had given loans of €194.333 billion and that €16.6 of this was considered to be overdue.

Since August, when the amount of non-performing loans was €18 billion (or 9.16% of the €196.78 billion in overall loans, the figures have been improving to end the year at under 9%.

The reduction was mainly due to a drop of loans to companies since non-performing company loans were running at about 15.69%, while non-performing family loans were just about 3.86%.