Portugal: Third-quarter GDP expands 0.8%, outstripping euro zone, EU

Page created: Tuesday, 6 December 2016 15:12 GMT

EU  Euro Area  GDP   Q3 2016

Brussels, Dec. 6 (Lusa) – Portugal’s economy expanded by 0.8% in the third quarter – its third consecutive quarterly increase – as the euro zone as a whole expanded by 0.3%, according to figures released by the European Union’s statistical office on Tuesday.


The Eurostat report showed gross domestic product in the euro zone up 1.7% on the year, while that of the European Union as a whole was up 0.4% on the quarter and 1.9% on the year.


The EU member state whose economy expanded fastest in the quarter was Croatia, at 1.7%, followed by Slovenia at 1.0%, and Portugal and Greece, both with 0.8%.


Year on year, Romania’s economy enjoyed the largest increase, at 4.6%, followed by Bulgaria, with 3.4%, and Slovakia, with 3.2%. Portugal’s year-on-year increase was 1.6%.