Public debt plunges again in November after IMF repaymentv

Page created: Wednesday, 3 January 2018 13:41 GMT

Public Debt

Public debt plunges again in November, for the third month in a row, after the Government made a 2.8 billion euros’ reimbursement to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). By the end of that month, Portugal’s public indebtedness stood at 242.8 billion euros, the lowest amount since January of 2017. It already stands below the Executive’s goals

Data published this Tuesday by the Bank of Portugal shows that public debt according to the Maastricht shrunk 2.4 billion euros in comparison to October. “This change chiefly reflects the early repayment of IMF loans“, according to a statistical press release disclosed this Tuesday morning.

This means that after the 3.9 billion euros’ plunge in October, the amount of public indebtedness deflated substantially once again in the second-to-last month of last year. And, since its record in August above 250 billion, debt already decreased 7.2 billion euros in around three months, standing now pretty much at the same level as in the beginning of 2017.