Socrates spends third night in police cells

Page created: Monday, 24 November 2014 14:39 GMT

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Portugal’s former prime minister, José Sócrates, was interrogated on Sunday for a second day running at the Central Criminal Investigation Court in Lisbon, where he to return on Monday morning to continue to be questioned by the judge Carlos Alexandre.

On leaving the court late Sunday evening, his lawyer, João Araújo, said the interrogation would continue on Monday and that it should be known later in the day if he is to be held on remand or released.

The former Socialist leader spend his third night in police cells, a police source told Lusa.

João Araújo told reporters that hs client was “fine” and “in a strong spirit”, adding that José Sócrates provided all the answers to judge Carlos Alexandre and that the questioning “is going well”.

The former prime minister was detained on Friday night by tax inspectors when he arrived back in Lisbon from Paris, as part of a process involving tax fraud, money laundering and corruption.

The other three detainees in the process, businessman Carlos Santos Silva, who was a board director at construction company Lena between March 2008 and October 2009, lawyer Gonçalo Trindade Ferreira and Socrates’ chauffer João Perna, were detained on Thursday and also spend the night in cells.

The arrest of José Sócrates was headline news in Venezuela, where they considered the former PM as a “persecuted leader”, adding that it was the first that there had been a “shocking detention” of a “former head of government in Portugal “.