• IA&RB

    IA&RB is an advertising, communication and brand strategic consultant agency, medium sized and exclusively Portuguese owned.

    Since 2001 develops activity in diversified sectors such as: mass market consumption, food retailing, wholesaling, corporate and political communication.




    Initiative is guided by four basic principles; Speed, Courage, Conviction and Simplicity.
    We are fast and responsive to the changing world of business
    We are brave in tackling our clients’ most serious issues
    We are decisive with our insights, opinions and recommendations
    We make the complex simple by applying clarity and focus to things that really matter

    We aim to strip away the unnecessary layers of marketing complexity with an eye always on getting closer to our client’s customer.
    This approach is reflected in our talented and determined people, in our tools, throughout our processes and in our conduct.

  • Lift_Positivo


    Lift Consulting is a strategic consultancy, specialized in reputation management. With 20 years of market experience, Lift offers strategic communications consultancy, public relations, media relations, crisis management, public affairs, digital communications and internal communications services. Due to a deep knowledge in different areas result, Lift developed several knowledge centres in the following practice areas: Brands, Corporate & Training, Crisis, Digital, Financial, Healthcare, Lifestyle, People, Public Affairs, Reputation, Responsibility and Technology.

    Lift believes one of its main distinguishing features is its dedication to the thorough study of each Client, in-depth knowledge of the media and correct professional relationship with journalists, as well as total integrity in managing communication processes.

    Lift Consulting is a Lift Group company.