Direct Investment in Portugal increased in April 2017


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Portugal’s performance in innovation and research moves one place to 14th in EU-28

Direct investment in companies in Portugal stood at 744 million euros in April 2017, while Portugal’s direct investment abroad was 141 million euros. According to the report on innovation and research published by the European Commission for 2016, Portugal ranks 14th among the 28 countries of the European Union, up one position from the previous year. In 2017, Portugal maintained the 39th position in the World Competitiveness Yearbook

According to the Economic Bulletin published by the Portuguese Central Bank, direct investment in Portuguese companies was 744 million euros in April 2017, while in the previous month it was 616 million euros. Portugal’s direct investment in companies abroad was 141 million euros and 447 million euros the previous month.


The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2017, presented on June 20 by the European Commission, is a panel that annually produces a comparative assessment of the performance of 36 economies in the areas of research and innovation, classifying them as Leaders, Strong, Moderates, or Modest innovators. This classification depends on 27 indicators grouped in 10 innovation parameters, resulting in a composite indicator that measures the average performance of each country. In the EIS of 2017, regarding the data available for 2016, Portugal is once again placed in the group of countries classified as moderate innovators, occupying the 18th place in the ranking. This current ranking is one position above the previous year considering all the 36 economies. Also, Portugal ranks 14th place among European Union countries, a position above the previous year result. Portugal’s performance remains below the EU average in most of the 27 indicators, with the exception of the Research Systems, the Innovation Environment, and numbers of Innovators. On the other hand, the dimensions in which Portugal departs most from the European average are those regarding Investment in Companies, Chain Linkages, Intellectual Assets, Impact on Employment and Sales. In comparison to last year´s results, Portugal improved in the categories: Environment Favorable to Innovation (+38.6 points), Research Systems (+11.3 points) and Impact on Employment (+5.5) and decreased in Human Resources (-30 points), Impact on Sales (-17.2 points), and also in the number of Innovators (-12.9 points). According to this ranking, the most innovative countries are Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and the least innovative countries are Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Regarding competitiveness, the ranking of the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2017, published on June 1 by the Institute for Management Development, places Portugal in the 39th position, maintaining the same position achieved in 2016, among a list of 63 economies. Compared to the 28 Member States of the European Union, Portugal ranked 18th, one rank higher than 2016. The criteria considered in the index are Economic Performance, Efficiency of Public Institutions, Business Efficiency and Infrastructures. Compared to 2016, Portugal has moved up eight positions in the Efficiency of Public Bodies and one in the Infrastructures, fallen down three positions in Economic Performance and maintained the same position with respect to Business Efficiency.

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