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Portugal Economy Probe

Letter to the www.peprobe.com users

Dear users of Portugal Economy Probe,

As of September 1st, 2017, AICEP Portugal Global, the Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade, has taken over, as planned,  the responsibility and management of Portugal Economy Probe website. 

Users will continue to find on this free of charge website www.peprobe.com  all the  information about the Portuguese economy and its financial system, updated daily with trustworthy data  from more than 260 reliable Portuguese and international sources.

The integration in AICEP completes a 6 year cycle that saw the creation and development of this project as an initiative of the civil society. This marks the  start of a new era under the aegis of a public institution dedicated to the international dissemination of information about Portugal.

At the time of this  handover, we want to thank  all our users, who have been growing in number, year after year, for their loyalty and  feedback.  This has guided our work in meeting their  information needs. For you, we have given our best every day: we have grown in the services provided, in the areas of economy covered and sources of information collected; we have redesigned our website, seeking a more intuitive and effective search for information and we have increased the languages offered.

Also a word to the  founders and patrons of this initiative, for their invaluable support, both strategic and financial. Without them, this project would never have been born. Our sincere gratitude to the Portuguese Banking Association, where this initiative was hosted , to Caixa Geral de Depósitos, EDP, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Oriente Foundation, Galp Energia,Impresa and REN, founders and patrons of this initiative until the integration in AICEP. Our thanks also to Banco Espírito Santo, Brisa, Cimpor, Luso-American Foundation and ZON/NOS, whom for shorter periods of time also contributed to the project. To all our very sincere gratitude. 

We are certain that in this new era, this website will continue to grow and  widen borders.

We wish all the best to the new management team in the years to come.


Miguel Athayde Marques – Coordinator of Portugal Economy Probe,  Ana Vidal, Vasco Monteiro, Deolinda Lameira, Contents Team and all those who collaborated with Portugal Economy Probe during this fascinating  first six years.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015 17:05

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