Unemployment rate stood at 8.9% in July


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Employment rate increased to 60.4% in July

  • The unemployment rate stood at 8.9% in July, which corresponds to the lowest value since November 2008. The employment rate rose to 60.4% in July 2017, up 0.3 pp from the previous month.

    According to the definitive estimate of INE – Statistics Portugal, the unemployment rate stood at 8.9% in July 2017, which represents a decrease of 0.2 compared with June. The unemployed population was 450 600 people, corresponding to a decrease of 8 900 people from the previous month. In comparison with the other European Union countries, Portugal recorded the seventh highest unemployment rate, above the European Union (7.6%) but below the Euro Zone average (9.1%).

    The employment rate rose to 60.4%, and the employed population was 4 702 900 people corresponding to an increase of 22 000 people in comparison with the previous month. In August, according to the INE – Statistics Portugal provisional estimate, the unemployment rate stabilized at 8.9%, despite the estimated increase in unemployed population to 461 400 people and the fall of employed population to 4 697 800 people.

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Monday, 2 October 2017 16:32

Unemployment rate fell to 8.9% in July, equaling the lowest percentage since November of 2008. As a reaction to this rate, the Government highlights the decrease in youth unemployment.

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Thursday, 21 September 2017 10:18

The number of people receiving unemployment benefits was 185.473 in August, 14.3% less than in the same month of last year and 1.9% less than in the previous month, according to official data disclosed this Wednesday....

Wednesday, 9 August 2017 14:18

Portugal’s unemployment rate tumbled to the lowest since 2009 in the second quarter of this year, pushing it below the eurozone’s average for the first time since the continent’s sovereign debt crisis....