Primeiras Estimativas da População na Europa, janeiro 2017(em inglês), Eurostat

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On 1 January 2017,the population of the European Union (EU)was estimated at 511.8 million, compared with 510.3 million on 1 January 2016. During the year 2016, as many births as deaths were recorded in the EU(5.1 million),meaning that the natural change of the EU population was neutral.The population change (positive, with 1.5 million more inhabitants)was therefore due to net migration.

With 82.8 million residents(or 16.2% of the total EU population at 1 January 2017), Germany is the most populated EU Member State,ahead of France (67.0 million, or 13.1%), the United Kingdom(65.8 million, or 12.9%), Italy(60.6 million, or 11.8%), Spain(46.5 million, or 9.1%)and Poland(38.0 million, or 7.4%). For the remaining Member States, nine have a share of between 4% and 1.5% of the EU population and thirteen a share below 1.5%.