Inflação Anual da Zona Euro, novembro 2017 (em inglês), Eurostat

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Euro area annual inflation was 1.5% in November 2017, up from 1.4% in October. In November 2016, the rate was
0.6%. European Union annual inflation was 1.8% in November 2017, up from 1.7% in October. A year earlier the
rate was 0.6%. These figures come from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.
The lowest annual rates were registered in Cyprus (0.2%), Ireland (0.5%) and Finland (0.9%). The highest annual
rates were recorded in Estonia (4.5%), Lithuania (4.2%) and the United Kingdom (3.1%). Compared with
October 2017, annual inflation fell in four Member States, remained stable in nine and rose in fifteen.
The largest upward impacts to the euro area annual inflation came from fuels for transport (+0.21 percentage
points), heating oil (+0.07 pp) and milk, cheese & eggs (+0.05 pp), while telecommunication (-0.11 pp), garments
(-0.07 pp) and social protection (-0.04 pp) had the biggest downward impacts.

Portugal recorded a annual inflation of 1.8% in November 2017.