Inflação Anual da Zona Euro, setembro 2017 (em inglês), Eurostat

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Euro area annual inflation was 1.5% in September 2017, stable compared with August 2017. In September 2016
the rate was 0.4%. European Union annual inflation was 1.8% in September 2017, up from 1.7% in August 2017.
A year earlier the rate was 0.4%. These figures come from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European
The lowest annual rates were registered in Cyprus (0.1%), Ireland (0.2%) and Finland (0.8%). The highest annual
rates were recorded in Lithuania (4.6%), Estonia (3.9%) and Latvia (3.0%). Compared with August 2017, annual
inflation rose in eleven Member States, remained stable in seven and fell in nine.

In Portugal, the annual inflation rate increased from 0.7% in September 2016 to 1,6% in September 2017. Compared with the other European Union Countries, Portugal recorded the thirteen highest annual inflation rate, below the European Union  (1,8%) but above the Euro Zone average (1,5%).