Afonso Camões

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director / Lusa

“Portugal Economy Probe is a seal of confidence – plural and credible. It is an essential site for those seeking, in aggregate, the most useful information on the evolution of the main indicators of the Portuguese economy.”

Carlos Gaspar

Researcher / Portuguese Institute of International Relations

“Portugal Economy Probe was the most loyal, sincere and constant friend of the Portuguese economy in its worst moment during the crisis and will continue to be its friend most loyal, sincere and constant after the nightmare.”

Cláudia Falcão

Head of Investor Relations / Jerónimo Martins, SGPS, S.A

“Portugal Economy Probe allows me to have a current and daily view of the more relevant happenings in the Portuguese economy and business worlds and, in particular, the way they interact and integrate in the European and world stage. The daily update I get from PE Probe is, in this sense, fundamental and the visit I do to it every day, has made PE Probe become part of my day.

PE Probe is also a gateway for international investors wanting to know about Portugal, through a comprehensive and organized collection of information and relevant links that allow a complete, consistent and updated picture of the economic life of the country.”

Cláudia Gonçalves

Information Manager / APCOR – Associação Portuguesa da Cortiça

“PE Probe is a portal aggregating relevant information on Portugal. For businesses and the general public, this site stands out for the quality and quantity of data available.”

Eric van Leuven

Managing Partner, Cushman & Wakefield (Portugal) / Chairman, Dutch-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

“Finally a user-friendly site with a multitude of objective, unbiased economic information about Portugal, in one single place – I recommend this site to all international investors with an interest in the country.”

Graça Fonseca

Municipal Councilor for Education, Economics, Innovation and Decentralization / Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

“PE Probe provides not only a powerful insight on Portuguese economy, but also the tools to promote an in-depth analysis on its major fields.”

Joaquim Cunha

Executive Director / Health Cluster Portugal

“PE Probe is a valuable resource for those seeking quality information about Portugal and its economic and social matters. Be it for the immense wealth of data and statistics it covers, be it for the news and announcement of events updated continuously, PE Probe has become a destination to visit daily which, I’m sure, has contributed much to serve a positive image of Portugal to a wide global audience. It was also for this reason that the Health Cluster Portugal (HCP) considered joining PE Probe, thus contributing to reveal to the world the enormous potential of our country in the health sector, in terms of R&D, of education / training, of business and care, which makes Portugal an excellent destination for investment, to conduct clinical trials and health tourism.”

José Miguel Cardoso da Costa

Head of Research and Reporting Unit / Portuguese Treasury and Debt Management Agency – IGCP, E.P.E.

“I believe PE Probe is attracting a wide range of international players interested in the Portuguese economy, as it is able to collect and filter an impressive number of analysis from all relevant national and international institutions, and is always up-to-date! No doubt, PE Probe is one of the crucial sites to visit, if you’re looking for relevant data and comprehensive analysis on the Portuguese Economy.”

Luis Henrique Alves Costa

President / SDG – Simuladores e Modelos de Gestão S.A.

“I recommend Portugal Economy Probe because it allows us to keep updated on all economic and financial news and, in an ever changing world, having access to these reports, is an asset for everyone.”

Maria João Carrapatoso

Head of Investor Relations / ZON OPTIMUS SGPS, SA

“I strongly recommend use of PE Probe as an excellent tool for providing quick and easy access to essential data on Portugal and the state of the economy and public finances as well as intuitive access to relevant official studies and publications. PE Probe really helps me filter through the multitude of information available and from a wide variety of sources, saving me a lot of time and effort, with the added guarantee that it has been previously selected by a specialized team of professionals.”

Marjon van Dinther

Secretary General / Dutch-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

“PE Probe is a useful platform with publicly available information about Portugal from economic, financial, enterprise and social perspectives. It provides for an excellent source of information. The information is clear, very focused on the markets, and supported by official sources as well as private institutions.

We especially would like to refer to the availability and service mindedness of the PE Probe team. In addition, we appreciate and recognise the value and the objectives of Portugal Economy Probe, and we consider they do a great job in transmitting knowledge and cross linking data. In the specific case of our Chamber of Commerce, we were supported by PE Probe on a file regarding the bilateral relationship between Portugal and Holland.”


European Commission / Economic and Financial Affairs / Resident Advisor in Portugal

“PE Probe is a very useful virtual ‘one-stop-shop’ with comprehensive and relevant information about the Portuguese economy. It is particularly valuable for anybody who is not familiar with the institutional set-up in Portugal and would otherwise have to make significant efforts to find the original sources of information, or even not know about their existence.” 

Pedro Magalhães

Director / CIEP

“The project PE Probe was established as a pioneering initiative in Portugal, bringing together reports and statistical data about the Portuguese economy with great relevance and timeliness. CIEP has followed this project since its initial phase and, given our activity, we found agreeing a partnership with PE Probe critical. The easy navigation added to the constant information renewal makes this portal an excellent work tool for entrepreneurs and international investors that need to deepen their knowledge about the economic reality of Portugal.”

Peter Wise

Lisbon correspondent / The Financial Times

“An indispensable tool that I use every day.”