Cozinha com Alma

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06 July 2015 - 4:01
Social innovation  Social Problems

Date of creation/foundation: 17-06-2011

Legal figure: Company

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Cozinha com Alma is a social takeaway open to the general public, where all profits are applied to a social grant that supports families in a situation of temporary financial difficulties that compromise their basic food provision. The support granted by Cozinha com Alma consists of providing meals at subsidized prices to the members of these families and a capacity building program with the goal of helping them recover from these precarious situations.


Phone number:+351 210 938 834


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grupo ete Imagem3 premio maria josé.png
E.T.E. Prize, in 2016 AHRESP Prize in the solidarity category, em 2015 Maria José
Nogueira Pinto Prize, in 2014