Fruta Feia

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01 January 2013 - 5:45
Inovação Social  Problema Social  Social innovation  Social Problems

Date of creation / foundation: 18-11-2013

Legal figure of the initiative: Limited liability cooperative company

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Fruta Feia Co-operative was born from the need to reverse the current trend of standardization of fruits and vegetables, which does not reflect food quality and safety. By creating an alternative market for “ugly” fruits and vegetables, this project aims to address an inefficiency and change consumption patterns. This market generates value for farmers and consumers and fights both food waste and the unnecessary waste of resources used in its production.



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logo-PremioCA  PremioAntSergio-300x105 2015_faz_iop_dt
Innovation Award Crédito
Agrícola, Category Social Innovation,  2014
Prize for Cooperation and Solidarity António Sérgio, Category Innovation

and Development, 2014 

2nd Prize of the competition FAZ-Ideias de Origem Portuguesa, promoted by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2013