Projeto Família

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30 September 2013 - 5:15
Social innovation  Social Problems

Date of creation / foundation: 1996

Legal figure of the initiative: IPSS

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Projecto Família was launched in 1996 by the MDV (Movimento de Defesa da Vida). It is a national pioneer in the area of intensive intervention in families with children at risk. The fundamental goal of the organization is to prevent the institutionalization of minors through intensive, immediate, and individualized support to these most vulnerable families.


Tel:+351 217 994 530


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manel  certificado ES+ certificado estoril conferences
Manuel António
da Mota award, em 2014
Iniciativa ES+, initiative of
high potential in innovation and social entrepreneurship
Winner of the Estoril Local
Answers Award, atribuido
pela Organização
das Conferências do Estoril, 2013