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Date of creation / foundation: 01-09-2014

Legal figure of the initiative: Associação

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SPEAK is a global community of around 4.000 people from over 70 different countries, who are willing to share their culture, language and history. SPEAK works as a language exchange program where anyone can enrol to teach or learn a language. A refugee arriving in Coimbra with no knowledge of Portuguese or a network of friends, is now able to enrol in Portuguese classes through the SPEAK website. The classes are taught in an informal setting allowing students to interact with other local migrants while learning a new language. To strengthen the connections between people, the SPEAK community organizes events representative of different cultures and open for all.  In this way, SPEAK helps the members of its community to integrate in the cities where they are living, promoting diversity, equality and the democratization of language learning.


Tel: +351 917 526 446 / +351 229 372 053

Email: Info@speak.social

Website link: www.speak.social/

Facebook link: www.facebook.com/speakafa


Logo_Selo  insead  Banco Big
European Language Label (European Commission) Top 3 – Empresas Sociais Portuguesas, by INSEAD Winner of the “Scaling Award”In the category of Social Entrepreneurship (Banco Big)