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    Casa São Roque Art Center Casa São Roque Art Center
    The history of Casa São Roque (formerly Casa Ramos Pinto) dates back to 1759, when it served as a manor and hunting house,...
    In Póvoa de Varzim, in the former space of the codfish drought and the fish auction, right next to the fortress, Lota Ibérica...
    Doces Sortidos - Bolos de Festas Doces Sortidos - Bolos de Festas

    The "bolos de festa", also called "white or yellow cakes" or "bolos de gema" are small cakes, circular shape, low, prepared...
    Solar do Souto Solar do Souto
    The Solar do Souto was born in 1997, resulting of the intense taste manifested by the owners of the restaurant by...
    Restaurant Tasca do Açougue Restaurant Tasca do Açougue
    A new and different place that emerged just a few months, situated in the historical area of Montalegre village. A pleasant...
    Pedestrian Trail PR1 - Around the Castle of Arnoia Pedestrian Trail PR1 - Around the Castle of Arnoia
    The PR1- "Around the Castle of Arnoia and former Villa de Basto" is a small pedestrian route, circular, which develops in two...
    Lomar Engraved Rocks Lomar Engraved Rocks
    This center of engraved rocks includes nearly one hundred carvings of various motifs standing out from the ground. Among the...
    Troficolor Textiles Troficolor Textiles
    Troficolor, a family business established in 1956, specialized in denim fabric, the raw material for the most widely used...
    Torreão (Fortified Tower) Torreão (Fortified Tower)

    It is a small fortified tower built with two floors, battlements, advanced watchtowers and granitic façades, which is topped...