Biblioteca Municipal de Santo Tirso (Municipal Library)

Santo Tirso
1 Reading Services – The consultation of any existing document in free access in the reading room is free and unrestricted. The access to confidential documents, which are in storage and conditioning, are subject to authorization.
2 – Home Loan Service - The user can make use of home loan that allows requesting two books for a period of four to fifteen days, being registered in the library and having their Card Reader. Reference works can not be lent. The publications may only leave the library with prior request through loan services. The library is equipped with a safety system to prevent the theft of documents.
3 - Access to New technologies - By presenting the Card Reader, the users have access to the computer equipment in order to conduct their research or work. Internet use is free, presenting the Card Reader. The maximum time for daily use is 30 minutes. Internet use is intended for informative or formative search. 

Location: Santo Tirso
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