Arcos de Valdevez

The track presents a wide diversity of plant species, as a result of the forest intervention, being also very rich by its archaeological heritage, in particular, several prehistoric funerary monuments (dolmens and tumuli - see points of interest). It is also note elements of a more recent human occupation linked to agro-pastoral economy, in particular, a corral and the ruins of a cattle’s “branda”.

Starting point and arrival: Mezio. The start location changed when the old area was tight. Nowadays, the track starts in the old Interpretation Centre where it was placed the route start card. It is suggested prior contact with Mezio’s Gate of the PGNP.

Localization: Mezio, Arcos de Valdevez county.
Length: 2 km.
Duration: nearly a 1 h.
Defree of difficulty: easy.
Length minimum/maximum: 640m/660m.

Location: Arcos de Valdevez
Jaime Gomes

Jaime Gomes

Portuguese / Regional cuisine
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