Municipal Museum of Abade Pedrosa

Santo Tirso
The Municipal Museum of Abade Pedrosa was inaugurated on March 10th, 1989. It is installed in the conventual wing of the former Benedictine monastery of Santo Tirso. In order to expand the exhibition space and to adapt and improve the multipurpose spaces, it has been suffering minor works. Its structure consists of four rooms dedicated to the permanent exhibition, a room for temporary exhibitions, a room for educational services, an auditorium and a shop / reception.

The museum's activity focuses on three main areas: the permanent exhibition, the temporary exhibitions and the auditorium. The permanent exhibition is subject to the archeology of the county, portraying the Santo Tirso occupation from the Prehistory to the Middle Ages. The temporary exhibitions are subordinated to several themes: history, photography, painting, sculpture etc. Several cultural activities related with music and with municipal heritage are promoted in the auditorium.

Location: Santo Tirso


It is located about 20 Kms away from Porto, Maia, Famalicão, Guimarães and Braga, being served...
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