Praça das Comunidades


The “Praça das Communidades” (Communities Square) which in time, functioned as the weekly marketplace, is now utilised as a multi-purpose location. With a child playground, fountains, street furniture, fruit trees, ornamental plants, and much more can be found by those who visit the space.

With a total area of 23,000 square metres, will allow those who use the space and make use as well as enjoy all the facilities.

At this space you will find, the children’s playground, with a capacity for 20 children, with attractions directed at the younger ones. A water element was introduced, with three ornamental fountains which were once used and restored, turns out to be the central element of the ornamental fountain in the square.

Next to the existing on-site public tank was installed another source and a garden with fruit trees, namely orange and peach trees, and alongside the square, four corner flowerpots were installed with small plants, decorative as well.

Location: Fafe
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