"Camarão" Restaurant

Description / Facilities

Located in a prime location on the Atlantic Ocean, with the perfect juncture between land and sea. Cozy restaurant covers to create a unique surroundings for its breathtaking scenery. "We exist because the ocean provides us with unforgettable moments."
Address: Av. Forte do Cão N-497 - Gelfa - 4910 - 012 Âncora
E-mail: camarao.reservas@gmail.com
Phone: 965 704 489

17 Dec 2023 to 15 Dec 2024

Forte Do Cão Beach, Ancora

Situated in Ancora parish, County of Caminha, this beach is coastal and sandy type. The fort of Praia do Cão offers all the  conditions to enjoy the summer...

Nautical activities

If you wish to discover other great experiences, get involved in different activities such as surfing, wind surfing or body boarding on our Atlantic...
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